American, French, English, & German
18th to 20th Century
We have a large collection of prints available

John Kip
“Kip's Views”
Black and White Copper Plate Engraving, London, 1712
He used the “birds-eye-view” before anyone had ever been in the air
“Fairford, the seat of Samuel Barker”
Frame-ready acid-Free mat, Size 23" x 26"
One of three available, Price: $630.00
William Mackenzie
“International Exposition Hall of 1862, London”
Black and white metal engraving, 1875
Acid-free mat to size 16" x 28"
Price: $60.00
De Neufforge
“Recueil Elementaire D'Architecture”
Originals Engraved 1757
These are restrikes from the old plates, circa 1890
Acid-free Matted to 16" x 20", Price: $38.00
“Facade of a Temple”
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